Frequently asked questions

How much are your cakes?

There are many factors that will determine the correct pricing for your cake. Cake size, shape, degree of work involved, and many other factors as well. All of my cakes are designed differently and priced, therefore I do not have a set price guide on my website. Please contact me here for a quote. CONTACT

How much notice is required to place a cake booking?

Special Ocassion Cakes I prefer 2-3 weeks notice for special occasion cakes. This allows me enough time to order supplies, especially where other suppliers are involved or a specific item is required for your order. However, I can often accommodate last minute bookings, a minimum of 3 days for cakes, and 2 days for cupcakes, depending on design and availability. Wedding Cakes 2-6 months notice is generally required as I only take 5 bookings on a weekend which means I have limited wedding availability. However, I can often accommodate last-minute wedding cakes depending on availability, and design. A minimum of 3 to 4 days is preferred with wedding cakes.

What is require to place a cake booking?

A 50% non-refundable and non-transferable down payment is required to place all bookings. Booking under 2 weeks required payment if full with the 50% non- refundable and non-transferable applied still. This rule does not apply to cake toppers. Cake toppers no monies are refundable or transferable at all once payment has been made, orders are final. If the order is cancelled you will receive a credit which you can use within 6mnths of the cancellation date.

Can I select a different flavour per tier?

ABSOLUTELY! If you are having a tiered cake I highly encourage this! It is at NO EXTRA CHARGE to have a different flavour per tier. This is a great idea especially if your cake is being served as the dessert. For cupcakes, this option is only given when certain amounts of cupcakes or with detailed designs are ordered. You will see on your formal quote if you have been given the option of selecting more then 1 flavour for your cupcakes.


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